Wired Amazon is a new collection of Citizen Science projects powered by Rainforest Expeditions. Our goal is to connect our guests to the important scientific research being conducted around our lodges and give them a chance to contribute to the work.

There are currently two live Wired Amazon projects:

- Aerobotany – Live online now!

- Discover a new species - Barcode Tambopata – Live at Refugio Amazonas now!

In 2017, we plan on launching:

- AmazonCam Tambopata

- The Macaw Project

Our online Wired Amazon projects (like Aerobotany) provide opportunities to earn Travel Credits by helping our scientists collect data from images captured by remote camera traps and mini drones, via The Zooniverse, the world’s largest and most popular platform for people-powered research. Each travel credit is worth $1, and each person can earn up to $300. Travel Credits are redeemable for a stay at any of our lodges during Science Season.

Currently we have two live projects:
  • Aerobotany: where citizen scientists review images of the Amazon rainforest canopy taken by a drone, and help scientists collect data on the biological rhythms and life cycles of rainforest trees.
  • Discover a New Species - Barcode Tambopata:  where guests can assist resident biologists in discovering new insect species in the Amazon rainforest. On average, we discover one new species per month! This project is only available to tourists staying at Refugio Amazonas.
We look forward to launching additional projects both online and at the lodges in 2017.
To register with Wired Amazon, please click here. Please note you need to register once with us (that’s how we track your travel credits), and once with The Zooniverse, where you’ll help collect data. Be sure to include your Zooniverse username when you register with Wired Amazon, because that is how we track your Zooniverse activity and your Travel Credits.
We welcome the participation of budding scientists! Travel credits are transferable, so in the case that your child wants to participate but does not have an email address, just use your own email address. There is a maximum of 300 credits per user, so if you go over that, the credits can be applied to a second person. If you have questions, just email us at
Sure! We can even help you create a gift certificate. Email us and let us know who you wish to give the gift to, and we’ll work with you to inform the recipient and help them redeem their gift.
You can redeem any credits you earn. So, if you earn $1 you can still take that off the cost of your stay.
You can transfer them to a friend or family member – or save them for the following year.
Travel credits are redeemable during Science Season which is from March 1st to March 31st 2017 and March 1st to March 31st, 2018.
Don’t worry, if there is no availability during Science Season, you can use your credits next year. Travel credits don’t run out.
Science Season is a really special time at Rainforest Expeditions because all lodges are teeming with researchers and scientists! Some are starting new work, some are continuing research started as early as 1989. When you visit us during Science Season, you have a chance to interact with all these scientists, help them with their work (this includes setting camera traps, flying the drones for Aerobotany, collecting speciments etc.), but also have lunch, hang out over beers, go on nature hikes etc. All other activities are also available during this time.
We recommend you stay at Refugio Amazonas, as that is where we will have the majority of the scientific activities taking place.
Yes.  Email us and we’ll help transfer them to a friend or family member.