White Lipped Peccary

About the White Lipped Peccary

In Tambopata, there are two species of these piglike mammals. A smaller one, the collared-peccary, which is found in small herds, and this one, a larger individual locally knonw as huangana found on herds of about 50 to 300 individuals. They mainly feed on fruits and palm nuts.

These peccaries travel long distances, covering wide areas of the forest in big herds comprised of fifty to five hundred individuals –sometimes more when some groups congregate. More active during the day than at night. Completely omnivorous, these keystone species eat everything they can find; lizards, snakes, insects, other invertebrates and fruit.

white lipped peccary
White lipped peccary caught by a camera trap.

How to spot the White Lipped Peccary:

  • Watch out for coarse black pelage that covers the entire body
  • White lipped peccaries have a long snout
  • There are white undersides of their throat and neck

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