Guide to the Mammals of Tambopata


Welcome to the Guide to the Mammals of Tambopata

Here at Rainforest Expeditions, we are working with San Diego Zoo Global scientists on a Wired Amazon project called ‘AmazonCam Tambopata.’  AmazonCam is located in Tambopata National Reserve, inside the Bahuaja Sonene National Park.  This is one of the most biodiverse places on the planet. AmazonCam has over 100 remote cameras that monitor the forests between Refugio Amazonas and the Tambopata Research Centre.

AmazonCam Tambopata allows us to study the mammals that reside in this large area of Amazonian forests.  Our cameras take thousands of photos – many of which hold the secrets to mysterious animal behaviour. However, our researchers do not have time to look at each photo. Therefore, they request the assistance from citizen scientists all over the world through a platform called ‘The Zooniverse.’ On ‘The Zooniverse’ citizen scientists work to identify the animals they spot in the photos. This guide is first and foremost a tool to assist them in their work.

As you flip through the guide, you’ll see that we’ve provided examples of photos from camera traps and identifying features and characteristics of all the mammals that our citizen scientists might see as they work on The Zooniverse.

If you are visiting the Amazon or are simply curious about the fauna found in the Amazon, you’ll find this guide useful too. Feel free to flip through the e-zine or to click through the animal names on the right hand side. 

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