Terra Firme Trail

The Tambopata Research Center (TRC) is situated near the river of the same name in a rich and beautiful type of rainforest known as “floodplain forest”. An extensive network of trails provides access to this wild habitat and guests on Amazon tours who hike on them frequently see Spider Monkeys, Brown Capuchins, and big troops of Squirrel Monkeys. Giant Armadillos are also occasionally seen as are big herds of White-lipped Peccaries and scores of beautiful, rainforest birds. As exciting as the trails through floodplain forest are, TRC also has trails that pass through bamboo groves and Terra Firme forest.


“Terra Firme” means “solid ground” and refers to the fact that this type of rainforest never floods. Situated on hilly areas above the river floodplain, Terra Firme rainforests host some of the highest diversity in the Amazon and should thus be an essential part of every Amazon jungle tour. Thousands of tree and other plant species have been growing and evolving in these dry soils for millions of years along with hundreds of bird, mammal, and reptile species. At TRC, these biodiverse, complex rainforests are best experienced on the Creek Trail.

Heading straight back into the forest from one of the top Amazon lodges in Peru, this trail pases through several kilometers of beautiful, untouched Terra Firme forest. Large troops of Squirrel Monkeys and Brown Capuchins are commonly encountered, mixed flocks of tanagers and other exotic jungle birds move through the treetops, and even tapirs are occasionally seen. The beauty of this trail is highlighted by the presence of pristine, crystal clear creeks that may yield sightings of fish and shy rainforest animals for lucky guests. As you hike the Creek Trail at TRC on one of your nature tours in Peru, your guide will tell you all about rainforest creek ecology in addition to pointing out wildlife in the forest.

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