Relax at the Lodge

For ecotourists, the Tambopata Research Center is a goldmine of biodiversity. This Amazon lodge in Peru offers so much for the nature lover that itís rather like the ďpromised landĒ for birdwatchers, parrot lovers, and anyone interested in nature. Few other places on Earth are situated so close to a clay lick used by thousands of parrots, parakeets, and macaws nearly every day of the year. The primary rainforests that surround the lodge are like a natural cathedral of biodiversity. Squirrel Monkeys leap through the trees, the deep voices of Red Howler Monkeys echo through the jungle every morning and evening, and more than 500 bird species can be seen near the lodge.

With so much diversity a step away from the lodge, there is almost too much to do and see at TRC. Nevertheless, no matter how exciting your Amazon jungle tour is, itís still good to take some time out to rest and relax. This is a vacation after all and as with any vacation, you should take some time out for yourself. Instead of going on another jungle hike, if you feel like resting, do just that in one of the hammocks at the lodge. Sit back in your room and read a book or take a walk down to the river and watch the water go by. Donít be surprised if you still end up seeing wildlife because the rainforest wilderness is just a stoneís throw away.

Not that you have to rest, though, if you donít feel like it. Since this is your personal Amazon jungle tour, you can choose what you would like to do the most. If itís another hike in the tall, majestic rainforests on the Floodplain Trail, or in the beautiful primary rainforests along the Creek Trail, your guide will be happy to take you there. You could also go on another walk on the Overlook Trail to see what rainforest wildlife shows up in the bamboo groves and rainforest canopy visible from the overlooks. Amazon tours should focus on biodiversity but you donít need to wear yourself out in the process. Rest and relax at TRC for rejuvenation in the rainforest.

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