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Our Amazon Lodges

Rainforest Expeditions (est. 1989) operates three award winning Tambopata lodges: Our Amazon lodges connect guests to the vast and remote wilderness of the Tambopata National Reserve without sacrificing comfort or accessibility. At each one of our Amazon lodges we invest guest revenues in rainforest conservation and sustainable development.

These features, unique to our lodges, have earned us numerous ecotourism awards:
  1. Rooms have three walls and common areas have none! This means you are always in close contact with primary tropical rainforest.

  2. Lodges are a few hours from the airport.

  3. You have good chances of spotting macaws, monkeys, caiman, giant river otters, capybara and peccary.

  4. You visit lakes, clay licks, canopy towers, rainforest trails, ethnobotanical trails and working farms.

  5. Posada Amazonas is owned by the Ese’eja Native Community of Infierno. One hundred seventy native and ribereño families work and profit from their lodge.

  6. Refugio Amazonas stands in a Brazil nut forest managed by a local concessionaire. We have partnered with them to sustainably manage the forests we share.

  7. Tambopata Research Center has conducted studies on macaws for 20 years. Based from this lodge, scientists gather data on macaw feeding and nesting habits, population size and genetics, migration patterns and clay lick activity.

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