Canopy Tower

Canopy Tower

Canopy tower at Posada Amazonas

Trees in rainforests often reach heights of 30 meters (90 feet) or more. Growing straight up into the sky, their leafy crowns block the sunís rays from directly reaching the forest understory. Most of the life in the rainforest is actually way up there in the canopy but is very difficult to see from the ground. In fact, the inaccessibility of the rainforest canopy has made it one of the final frontiers of biodiversity. Binoculars help in studying the canopy but a birdís eye view is much better. The canopy tower at Posada Amazonas provides guests with an incredible, easy look into the highest levels of the forest.

A twenty minute walk from this Amazon jungle lodge leads to a 30 meter (90 foot) high canopy tower in the heart of the rainforest. A staircase runs through the middle to provide safe access to the platforms high above. There are three main platforms, each giving visitors a different perspective of the forest. The lowest platform is at the same level as the upper understory and can result in good looks at tamarins and Dusky Titi Monkeys. The next platform is at the same level as the canopy, and the highest platform actually lets you look down at the tops of hundreds of trees.

From the top, spectacular views of the Peruvian rainforest stretch to the horizon in all directions. Far down below, the Tambopata River lazily winds its way through the jade-green surroundings. Exotic birds call from deep within the jungle and perch at eye level in the crowns of massive, thousand year old trees. During the tour, your guide will be scanning the canopy for toucans, parrots, monkeys, and other rainforest wildlife frequently seen from the tower and will help with their identification. This special place is also an ideal location to enjoy both the sunrise and the sunset over the Tambopata rainforest.

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