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Tambopata Homestays

Tambopata homestays is made up of 17 families that have recognized ecotourism an opportunity to make use of the forest in a non-destructive way. Some people have lived in Tambopata their whole lives and some have moved to the jungle only a few years back but everybody shares our passion for the Amazon rainforest. They are our neighbors and they are our friends.

Tambopata Homestays is divided into two parts:
  • Homestays near to Puerto Maldonado - For those that want to have an introductory experience to the rain forest, the Tambopata Ecotourism Corridor offers the right mix of rain forest flair within proximity to the city.

  • Homestays in the Jungle - The Tambopata Homestays are for those that want to experience life along the Tambopata River while staying rustic and experiencing one of the most diverse rain forests on the planet.

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