Rest and Relax

During your eco travel stay at Refugio Amazonas, you can expect to enjoy and experience the Peruvian rainforest with dozens of fun, exciting activities. Your guide will plan an itinerary that takes your wants and needs into account to maximize your experience at this Amazon jungle lodge. Many guests enjoy time spent at the canopy tower to watch a stunning sunset over the Tambopata rainforest while toucans and Red Howler Monkeys call from the forest. Hikes through the jungle in search of monkeys, exotic birds, treefrogs, and other rainforest wildlife are also an essential part of the experience. A walk to a clay lick used by mammals can result in close encounters with shy jungle wildlife such as Brocket Deer and Peccaries. Boat rides also take guests to clay licks frequented by brightly colored parrots and an oxbow lake where rare Giant Otters are sometimes sighted. You might also go out at night to search for caimans that frequent the riverís edge and look for nocturnal rainforest wildlife such as Night Monkeys and Kinkajous.

There are also other educational hikes perfect for a family eco vacation that feature Brazil Nut trees and medicinal plants. During these activities, your guide will show you how Brazil Nuts are harvested and show you various plants that have been used by the Ese-Eja culture for thousands of years. Other activities include a fun, rainforest playground for the kids, kayaking on the river and mountain biking in the forest. Thereís almost too much to do at Refugio Amazonas but that doesnít mean that you have to be busy for every minute of your stay at the lodge.

Part of any ecotourism family travel vacation should include time put aside for rest and relaxation and you will get the chance to do just that at Refugio Amazonas. Relax in one of the hammocks and read a good book with the sounds of the rainforest in the background. Meet the local staff and other guests or look for photography subjects around the lodge. If you feel like doing another activity, you can always repeat one of your favorites or try something new. As with every Rainforest Expeditions tour, the focus is on helping YOU experience an unforgettable, incredible vacation.

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