Ecotourism Lecture

Ecotourism Lecture

Ecotourism Lecture at Posada Amazonas

As with many award winning ventures, there is an interesting story behind Posada Amazonas. This Amazon jungle lodge wasn’t built by a corporation involved in the hospitality sector in various corners of the globe. No, the beginnings of Posada Amazonas are much more humble and grass-roots in nature.

Posada Amazonas was created as a joint venture between Rainforest Expeditions and the Native Community of Infierno. Rainforest Expeditions started as a company during the early 1990s and focused on bringing people to the Tambopata Research Center (TRC). Several hours upriver from Puerto Maldonado, TRC is the most remote eco-lodge in Tambopata and is situated right next to the largest accessible macaw clay lick in the world. As the fame of the macaw clay lick grew, so did the numbers of ecotourists who wanted to experience this incredible wildlife spectacle.

The only problem was the time it took to reach TRC. Rainforest Expeditions quickly realized that they needed a lodge along the way to break up the trip. In searching for a site to house the new eco-lodge, they found a spot that would both shorten the trip and provide guests with a fantastic rainforest experience. The site was situated in a hunting reserve used by the local community of Infierno but this turned out to be a perfect choice because people from the community also wanted to be more involved in ecotourism. Many of the people who worked for Rainforest Expeditions came from the local community and had experienced the huge potential for ecotourism in the Tambopata region.

The Community of Infierno and Rainforest Expeditions teamed up to turn Posada Amazonas into the top quality, award winning eco-lodge that it is today. Often regarded as one of the world’s best examples of successful ecotourism, this lecture provides an in-depth look at the partnership between Rainforest Expeditions and the community of Infierno.

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