Parrot Clay Lick

There are many theories as to why parrots eat clay. However, in the past few years, research at our sites in Tambopata has made this one prevalent: they eat clay for the sodium in it. Whatever the reason may be, a group of colorful parrots descending through the air to the clay lick is an unforgettable sight to be seen. From a blind you may see parrots and parakeets to ingest the clay on a bank. Species such as Dusky headed and Cobalt winged Parakeet visit this clay lick. With luck we will also see some or all of the following species in the early morning rush: Mealy and Yellow-crowned Amazons, Blue-headed Pionus, Severe macaw and Orange-cheeked (Barraband`s) Parrot. We visit the lick at dawn, when parrots are most active or in mid-morning or early afternoon, when they are active.