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The wide variety of habitats at the Tambopata Research Center (TRC) ensures that eco travel guests experience a different aspect of the rainforest and its biodiversity every time they go for a hike. The forest edge right around this Amazon jungle lodge can be great for seeing 6 or more species of toucans, bright-colored tanagers, agoutis, and other species that utilize places where the forest meets more open habitats. Red and Green Macaws and a host of parrot species fly overhead as they commute back and forth from the clay lick, and a Tayra sometimes makes an appearance in front of the lodge.

Inside the rainforest, family green travel guests may see wildlife that seek the deep shade of the jungle such as trumpeters (yet another odd, exotic jungle bird), tinamous, beautiful little manakins, Spider Monkeys, White-lipped Peccaries, or maybe even a Giant Armadillo. Trails also lead to bamboo groves, the shore of the Tambopata River, and shallow ponds inside floodplain forest. Another interesting rainforest habitat is a small, old oxbow lake that has eventually become a pond at the edge of the jungle.

Accessible by boat, the pond at TRC is one of the most tranquil, peaceful spots in the forest. After a short hike through riparian forest, you reach a small wooden platform at the edge of the pond. As you quietly sit on benches, you may spot shy, beautiful birds that use this habitat such as the Agami Heron or Green and Rufous Kingfisher. Squirrel Monkeys are sometimes seen in the trees near the platform and you might even get a chance to fish for the small piranhas that lurk in the water or see one of the Spectacled Caimans that live in the pond. Itís a great way to end an exciting day at the Tambopata Research Center and perfect for every family eco vacation.

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