Tambopata National Reserve Code of Conduct
  • No smoking in the forest, nor in the boats (which carry gasoline).
  • No littering.
  • Do not harrass wildlife – when sighting wildlife follow your guides instructions.
  • No wildlife collection or manipulation, unless specifically authorized by SERNANP. If you should come across hurt wildlife, leave it be. It is part of the natural processes of the wilderness.
  • Please separate your trash in the proper trash bins. All non-biodegradable trash is taken to Puerto Maldonado. Please take batteries back with you.
  • Please keep it quite. Our rooms are not sound proof and guests come to listen to the sounds of nature. If you should want to listen to music outside the bar area, use headphones.
  • The lodges are highly flammable. Do not leave candles unattended and locate the nearest extinguisher.
  • Never go swimming in the Tambopata without a guide.
  • Stay on the trails and take to the trails only with a guide. If for some reason you are separated from your guide, you can return to the lodge using your map and the trail markers.
  • Always use life jackets on the boat and during boarding. Wear light shoes that are easy to take off. Never have rubber boots on when in the boats.
  • Use rubber boots when heading to the forest or gardens at night. They reduce the risk of snake bites.
  • When taking people photos, ask first!



No fishing.

Tambopata Research Center has the presence of Leishmaniasis (uta) – see medical considerations for a description of the disease. To prevent it you should use long pants and long sleeved shirts from dusk until dawn, at the very least.

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