Spa Services


Dear Guest treat yourself to our exclusive amazon wellness therapies. Here you will find therapies to relax and even be healed in the very heart of the peruvian amazon. Be welcome and relax with us.

A massage is time for yourself, time with your emotions, time to rest and leave behind anxiety. Time to feel free and find peace and calmness within. We offer you this time of light and deep rest which will elevating the spirit and relax muscles.

MASSAGES: All of our massages are a full 40 minutes with 10 minutes for relaxation at the end.
  • Forest, Mother Earth, Fire, Water and Wind: Is the sacred amazon to heal you. 40 min. USD$50

  • Swedish Massage: This soft, relaxing massage is ideal for attaining deep calm state. This massage focuses relax in circulation and energy channels. Also we have added a amazon touch by ending the massage with amazon bamboo canes for armonization and reactivation of your natural energies. The sweddish massage its given in back, legs, arms. 40 min. USD$50

  • Deep tissue massage: This is a strong and deep massage, that releasses the muscular tension and stress. Also is ideal for ached muscles after long walks or athletic work. It produces calm an relax afterwards the massage and your body recovers flexibility. mint. 40 min. USD$50
  • Sabai Massage: Traditionaly made with warm pindas its and indian therapy. Pinda its a medicine pouch filled with medicinal herbs and rice. The sabai massage activates the circulation, relives the body tissue, and clears the energy channels. Rest, relieve and depp relax for you. 40 min. USD$50

  • Bioenergetic Massage: A massage from the Ayurvedic traditional medicine. It works on the physical, emotional and mental energies, achieving a balance between the body and its energy channels, which in turn helps to recover vitality; offering harmony and a complete relaxation. This is a full body massage. The cream is prepared with lemongrass, mint and meroli. 60 min. USD$60

  • Oriental Head, Neck and Shoulders Massage: This traditional oriental massage focuses on the areas which stress and tiredness tend to affect most strongly. This massage will help you relax and liberate tensions. Recommended oil: Eucalyptus. 40 min. USD$50

  • Intense Jungle Massage: From the great amazonian herbalist recipes we have chosen two plants for you: Matico and Charcot-sacha. with all their relaxing and antiinflammatory properties these will revitalize your body and energies. for this massage we use the leaves directly onto your body and the massage itself is given with river stones. Let yourself experience the intense power of the Amazon plants. 40 min. USD$50
Eyawasije Medicinal Center and Kuaii Wellness Center: Hours of operation are 8:00 am. to 11:00 pm. immerse yourself in total relaxation at eyawasije (to the sky) Spa at refugio Amazonas lodge. You can book a therapy in the bar area,where you will find. the reservation book. Just write down your name and choose your preferred time. You can pay the last day along with your boutique account. We accept Us dollars and local currency.