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The perfect compliment to your stay at Refugio Amazonas or Posada Amazonas. Experience the luxuries we offer to help you relax, rejuvenate and beautify yourself.

MASSAGES:Our massages a full 40 minutes with 10 minutes for relaxation at the end.
  • Swedish Spiritual Peace Massage: Special for reaching holistic states of mind; it favors circulation, achieving a deep condition of calmness. This massage is given on the back, legs and feet, with a cream prepared with lavender, sandalwood and jasmine. 40 min. USD$50

  • Swedish Brazil Nut oil Massage: A complete Swedish massage with Brazil nut oils harvested directly from the rainforest. It will moisturize your skin, while relaxing and harmonizing your body. 40 min. USD$50

  • Tui na Mint & Eucalyptus Massage: This Technique harmonizes the ying yang energies. Our massage oil is an Eyawasije special oil prepared with eucalyptus, rosemary and mint. 40 min. USD$50

  • Tui Catīs Claw Massage: A massage from the japanese traditional medicine. It is used in aching or inflamed joints. Our catīs-claw cream formula is based on one of the strongest and most popular medicinal plants from the Peruvian Amazon which due to its anti-inflammatory properties works greatly for rheumatic pains, tired muscles and joints. 40 min. USD$50

  • Bioenergetic Massage: A massage from the Ayurvedic traditional medicine. It works on the physical, emotional and mental energies, achieving a balance between the body and its energy channels, which in turn helps to recover vitality; offering harmony and a complete relaxation. This is a full body massage. The cream is prepared with lemongrass, mint and meroli. 60 min. USD$60

  • Oriental Head, Neck and Shoulders Massage: This traditional oriental massage focuses on the areas which stress and tiredness tend to affect most strongly. This massage will help you relax and liberate tensions. Recommended oil: Eucalyptus. 40 min. USD$50

  • Aromatherapy Massage: The alchemy of the soul: we stimulate the most sensitive senses, skin and smell, through the healing virtues of essential oil that will give you wellness and pleasure. You may choose your favorite synergy: Rosemary (energizing, it has curative properties for the circulatory system), mint (Mental clarity, it's a natural decongestant), lemon (connects the body and mind with the superior self), almond (emotional clarity), lavender(harmonizes and balances thoughts and feeling), sandalwood (induces to the serenity and meditation, it is also said to have aphrodisiac properties) and chamomile (relaxes, sedates and calms). 40 min. USD$50

  • Couples Passion Massage: A special for couples. The evening is the best moment to take this massage in your own room. The scent of patchouli, sandalwood and jasmine oils will propitiate feelings of love and harmony, awakening romance. 60 min. USD$60

  • Intense jungle Massage: From the great amazonian herbalist recipes we have chosen two plants for you: Matico and Charcot-sacha. with all their relaxing and antiinflammatory properties these will revitalize your body and energies. for this massage we use the leaves directly onto your body and the massage itself is given with river stones. Let yourself experience the intense power of the Amazon plants. 40 min. USD$50

  • Feet reflexology : Acupressure treatment for aching or tired feet in constant sessions improves the functioning of internal organs and treats diseases. At the beginning your feet will enjoy mineral salts in warm water and then with the pressure techniques you will feel how the balance of the entire body is restored and will reach a deep relaxation. 40 min. USD$50

Eyawasije Medicinal Center and Kuaii Wellness Center: Hours of operation are 8:00 am. to 11:00 pm. immerse yourself in total relaxation at eyawasije (to the sky) Spa at refugio Amazonas lodge. You can book a therapy in the bar area,where you will find. the reservation book. Just write down your name and choose your preferred time. You can pay the last day along with your boutique account. We accept Us dollars and local currency.

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