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Organic Chocolates from Peru

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Share the sweet tastes of the Amazon with organic chocolate that promotes rainforest conservation. Chocolate paired with three sustainably-harvested rainforest treats: coffee beans, Brazil nuts or Goldenberries make for a healthy and natural snack.

Product Details
  • USDA Certified Organic and Fair Trade
  • Convenient 1.76 oz (50 gr.) box
  • Available flavors: Brazil Nuts, Coffee Beans or Goldenberries
  • Harvested by hand and fair trade imported from Peru.
What are Goldenberries?

Originally cultivated thousands of years ago in the Incan Empire, these dried berries have enjoyed a huge resurgence of popularity in markets around the world, due to their unique taste and numerous health benefits. Also known as "Incan Berries" or Cape Gooseberries," they look like a golden raisin yet have high amounts of carotene and bioflavonaoids. They're an excellent source of vitamin A, vitamin C, and contain a good amount of dietary fiber and pectin. Unlike most fruits, Goldenberries also contain protein and phosphorous. A healthy snack for both adults and kids!

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