Anti-Malarial Drugs for Travel to the Peruvian Amazon

This is the most common question travelers ask when planning their travel to Peru. Malaria is a serious disease which humans can contract by being bitten by an infected Mosquito. Malaria is present in some places in Tambopata and Iquitos, however it is extremely rare. While the majority of locals, tourism staff and guides do not to take the vaccine, many travelers prefer to play it safe and opt for one of the following anti-malarial drugs recommended by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):
  • Atovaquone-proguanil
  • Doxycycline
  • Mefloquine.
If you decide to take anti-malarial medication during your travel in Peru:
    Make sure to see a physician 4-6 weeks prior to travel as all antimalarial drugs need to be taken prior to travel.
  • Purchase your antimalarial drugs prior to travel as drugs you find in Peru may not be manufactured according to United States or European standards.
  • Do not take the drug Halofantrine (marketed as Halfan). While it is used by many people overseas, it has life-threatening heart-related side effects.
Other Preventative Measures:
  • Minimize mosquito bites is by wearing tight-weave, long sleeve cotton clothing and insect repellent on exposed areas of skin.
  • Sleep in well-screen rooms or using a mosquito net.
For more in-depth information regarding Malaria and Peru, visit the CDC website: