Overlook Trail

Although the Tambopata Research Center doesn’t have a canopy tower like the other two Rainforest Expeditions lodges, there are at least two other ways that guests can experience the upper levels of the forest during their Amazon jungle tour. One is by climbing the tower in the palm swamp. This tower provides a close look into the upper reaches of a unique, important Amazonian habitat used by both Blue and Gold and Red-bellied Macaws for nesting and is an exciting activity to do at an Amazon lodge in Peru.

The other way that guests can get an eye level look into the rainforest canopy on Amazon tours to TRC is with the natural “towers” found on the Overlook Trail. This exciting trail parallels the Tambopata River and then follows the top of a bluff above a small oxbow lake. As guests are guided along the section of the trail above the big, macaw clay lick, they frequently encounter groups of Red and Green Macaws and other parrots visiting the clay lick. Turkey-like Piping and Spix’s Guans are also sometimes seen along with occasional Dusky Titi and Red Howler Monkeys. A few spots on this section of the trail also provide views that take in the Tambopata River and the foothills of the Andean Mountains in the distance.

Further on, the Overlook Trail follows a tributary of the river and heads through bamboo groves and patches of primary rainforest. There are at least three overlooks on this section of the trail that provide fantastic views into the canopy of floodplain rainforests. These are excellent spots to scan the canopy for monkeys and rare bird species such as Scarlet-hooded Barbet, Blue-headed Macaw, and White-throated Jacamar. Hummingbirds are also frequently seen at flowering trees in this spot and it’s a great place to watch for raptors. A few lucky guests have even seen ocelots, tapirs, and jaguars from the overlooks so make sure to hike this exciting trail during your visit to TRC!

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