New Soft Adventure Bike Trail

Soft Amazon Adventure Program Features New Bike Trail Connecting Posada Amazonas with the Ñape Ethnobotanical Garden

Mountain biking in the Peruvian Amazon is as adventurous and amazing as it sounds. Toucans yelp from the canopy of the rainforest and the humid air is punctuated with the triumphant screeches of macaws flying overhead as you pedal your way along a damp jungle trail. The tall rainforest pulsates with life and the strong brown currents of the Tambopata River are occasionally sighted off to the left as you bike along the ten kilometer trail that connects the high ground of Posada Amazonas with the lower floodplain forests surrounding the Ñape Ethnobotanical Garden. Along the way, Red Howler Monkeys sitting up in the canopy and Capybaras resting on riverbanks remind you that the trail is situated in a community reserve whose protection has resulted in higher numbers of these and other animals. When you reach the end of the trail at Ñape, you stop for a refreshing drink and are shown around this community medicinal plant garden by a local shaman.

Centro Ñape can also be visited with a relaxing boat ride along the river, but guests hoping for a bit of adventure during their rainforest jungle tour will certainly find it when biking along this new trail. The ride is a good example of the type of family friendly activity showcased by our soft adventure programs. Geared towards guests who want to add a bit of adventure or physical challenge to their Amazonian experience, the soft adventure programs also include such activities as sea kayaking on the river, and using a harness to climb high up into the rainforest canopy.

Some parts of the new bike trail are muddy but there are wooden bridges over the wettest areas and brick-like materials have been placed on sections that are subject to erosion. It’s a brave, new, exciting activity available at Posada Amazonas and a fantastic way to experience the Ese Eja community reserve.