Eya Wasije Wellness Spa

Welcome to Eya Wasije Wellness Spa – Updated prices for each service at lodge

Eya Wasije means in Ese´Eja language: “to the sky”.Our mission is to give you a space of calm, relax healing and joy, with our massages specially design for you.

Intense Jungle Massage: This Amazon massage uses the power of the plant Matico. This plant acts by deflating the muscles, which revitalizes the body and softens the skin.  Hot stone massages will make you feel intense relaxing moments. Enjoy it!

1 Hour: S/. 190.00 or $ 60.00

Deep Tissue Massage: This massage is strong and deep, relaxes muscles and relieves stress. It is ideal for reducing muscle pain, after sports or long walks. It calms, relaxes while the body recovers flexibility.

1 Hour: S/. 190.00 or $ 60.00

Bioenergetic Massage: A massage that works the whole body, an influence of traditional yurvedic medicine, works emotionally, mentally and physically at different energy levels. This massage helps clean and balance the energy channels in our body, it recovers vitality, personal harmony and provides complete relaxation.

1 Hour: S/. 190.00 or $ 60.00


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