Jungle Farm Visit

The people who work at the lodges, including many of your guides, are from nearby communities with names such as Condenado, Infierno, Baltimore and Mississippi. They are made up of Ese-Eja families and folks who migrated to the region from the Peruvian highlands several decades ago. Despite working in tourism, people belong to primarily farming communities and just about everyone who works at the lodge has also worked on a tropical rainforest farm.


Most of the workers whom you meet at the lodge know all about cultivating tropical plants like papaya, yucca, bananas, and a host of other, less familiar plant species that their ancestors used for centuries. Proud of their heritage and way of life, people from the community are happy to show guests the type of farm that most of them grew up with.To provide guests of their Amazon jungle lodge with a glimpse into local life, an activity that visits a local farm is offered.

This is one of the easiest activities to partake in during your stay in Tambopata. It only takes a few minutes by boat from Posada and Refugio Amazonas. We have chosen big and diverse organic farms in the neighborhood. The owners cultivate a huge variety of Amazonian crops that range from popular fruits and vegetables to little known Peruvian rainforest plants. In their gardens, just about every plant and tree serves a purpose. We will learn their uses and reasons for cultivating them. As your guide translates, you will learn all about a typical farm from the local community and will also have the opportunity to see, smell, touch and taste fruits you’ve never heard of such as the Copuazu, ‘Fish-eye’ Chili, and Cocona.

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