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Amazon Rainforest Tours
Classic Rainforest Expeditions
Tambopata Research Center - 5D/4N
Tambopata Research Center Tour - 6D/5N
Tambopata Research Center - 4D/3N
Refugio Amazonas 4D/3N - With Chuncho Claylick
Refugio Amazonas Tour - 4D/3N
Posada Amazonas Tour - 4D/3N
Refugio Amazonas Tour - 3D/2N
Posada Amazonas - 3D/2N
Tambopata Research Center Multi Sport Adventure Tour - 6D/5N
Tambopata Research Center Kayaking & Canopy Climbing - 6D/5N
Refugio Amazonas Soft Adventure - 5D/4N
Refugio Amazonas Soft Adventure - 4D/3N
Wildlife Photography
Rainforest Wildlife Photography Tour - 5D/4N
Rainforest Wildlife Photography Tour - 7D/6N
Wildlife Photography Equipment
Jeff Cremer Biography
Jeff Cremer Biography
Refugio Amazonas - Family Program for Kids - 5D/4N
Posada Amazonas Family programs for Teens - 5D/4N
Posada Amazonas Family Programs for Teens - 4D/3N
Refugio Amazonas - Family Program for Kids - 4D/3N
Nature Enthusiast
Refugio Amazonas- Butterfly Lovers - 4D/3N
Tambopata Research Center - Parrot Lovers Program - 7D/6N
Tambopata Birdwatching
Posada Amazonas - Birdwatching Tour - 5D/4N
Tambopata Research Center - Birdwatching Tour - 9D/8N
Refugio Amazonas - Cultural Trip
Wellness & Holistic
Refugio Amazonas - Wellness Tour 4D/3N
Volunteer With The Macaw Project
Refugio Amazonas - Biology Workshop - 6D/5N
Refugio Amazonas - Conservation & Sustainable Development Seminar 6D/5N
Tambopata Research Center - Biology and Ecology Seminar -7D/6N
Tambopata Research Center - Ecotourism & Nature Interpretation Seminar 8D/7N
Tambopata Homestays
Tambopata Research Center Tours
Refugio Amazonas Tours
Posada Amazonas Tours

Our Amazon Lodges
Tambopata Research Center
Tambopata Research Center Tour - 6D/5N
Tambopata Research Center - 5D/4N
Tambopata Research Center - 4D/3N
Refugio Amazonas
Refugio Amazonas 4D/3N - With Chuncho Claylick
Refugio Amazonas Tour - 4D/3N
Refugio Amazonas Tour - 3D/2N
Posada Amazonas
Posada Amazonas Tour - 4D/3N
Posada Amazonas - 3D/2N
Amazon Villas
Luxury Amazon Villa 3D/2N
Room Types
Room Types
Jungle Lodge Comparison Chart
Jungle Lodge Comparison Chart

Tambopata Peru
About Tambopata, Peru
Madre de Dios, Peru
About Tambopata National Reserve
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Ecotourism - Sustainability in Tambopata
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Add-On Activities
Visit Chuncho Clay Lick
Sunset Cruise
Jungle Mountain Biking
Canopy Climbing
Rainforest Tattoo
Stand Up Paddle Boarding in Tambopata
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Posada Amazonas Tour Activities
Refugio Amazonas Tour Activities
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Refugio Amazonas Premium Room
Another Photo
Tambopata Research Center Room
Tambopata Research Center
Posada Amazonas Commons Area
Posada Amazona Classic Room
Refugio Amazonas Loft
boat boat
Tambopata Butterflies
Macaw Clay Lick
Amazon Animals Capybara
Sidenecked Turtles
Parrots at Clay Lick
Tourists in the Jungle
A Happy Guide with a Happy Visitor
Bat Falcon
Squirrel Monkey

Top 5 Strangest Rainforest Animals
Smarter Every Day Videos
Tambopata Wildlife
Wildlife Sightings
Mealy Parrot Facts
Brown Capuchin Monkey Facts
Duski Titi Monkey Facts
Scarlet Macaw Facts
Toucan Facts
Amazon Kingfisher Facts
Blue and Yellow Macaw Facts
Bat Falcon
Harpy Eagle Facts
Pooto Bird Facts
White-Lipped Peccary Facts
Spix Guan
Red Howler Monkey
Giant Otter
Chestnut Fronted Macaw
Morpho Butterfly
Side-Necked Turtle
Cocoi Heron / White-Necked Heron
Brazilian Wandering Spider
Hoatzin Bird
Candiru Fish
Orinoco Goose
Cool Articles
MACAWS in SlowMotion! Rainforest Research! - Smarter Every Day 60
Kurt Holle Interview
Amazon Jungle Kayaking
How To: Spot a Jaguar in the Wild
5 Great Jungle Novels
Animal Collective Nouns
How To Make A Hanging Home
What is a Biodiversity Hotspot?
My senses are heightened in the rainforest
Genetic Techniques being Developed for Parrot Conservation in Tambopata
Soft Amazon Adventures
New Soft Adventure Bike Trail
Low Season isn't Low On Wildlife
Callie Garcia - The Jungle Tree
Stand Up Paddle Boarding
Posada Amazonas: Managed by Rainforest Expeditions, Owned by a Local Community
Pandemonium Aviaries
Ecotourism 101
Posada Amazonas Wins Award
What is the Most Dangerous Animal in the Amazon Rainforest?
Researching the impact of roads in the amazon jungle
Global Ecotourism
Rainforest Expeditions Online Brochures
Hot Water Is Now Available In All Our Lodges
Photography Tour Brochure Downloads
Machu Picchu Photography Filming Permit
Rainforest Alliance Verified
Sound Recordings from the Amazon Jungle
Research Articles
Macaw Bio-centric Development
Conversational Noise Reduction to Benefit Amazon Birds
Obesrvations on the life history of Enema Pan
A Comparison of Human Impacts on Mammals 2011
Rapid Assessment Program in Tambopata-Candamo
Communication Between Frog and Spider
Variation in Tambopata Herp Communities
Gastrointestinal Parasites in Primates 2004
Sexual Selection in Amazonian Frog at TRC 2006
Monkey Parasites at TRC 2004
Hoatzins and Ecotourism
Using Clay Lick Occupancy to Evaluate Reserve Design in Tambopata 2009
Conversation and Tourism Noise Biotropica 2010
BioCentric Development 2010
Pierson Katyidid Report 2010
A Comparision of Primate Behaviour on Human Presence
The Impact of Predator Presence on Mammal Clay Licks
Fauna Forever Phase I 2004
Self Perpetuating Bamboo Disturbance Cycle In A Neotropical Forest
Indigenous Urbanization and Amazonia’s Post-Traditional Environmental Economy
The Influence of Habitat on Parrot Density
Ecotourism in Amazonian Peru
Parrot Claylicks: distribution, patterns of use and ecological correlates from a parrot assemblage in southeastern peru.
Ecotourism, conservation biology, and volunteer tourism: A mutually beneficial triumvirate
The Influence of Habitat, Season, and Detectability on Abundance Estimates across an Amazonian Parrot Assemblage
Community Views of Ecotourism
Ecotourism and Conservation: Two Cases from Brazil and Peru
Economic Promise of Ecotourism for Conservation
through a new mirror: Reflections on Tourism and Identity in the Amazon
Distribution, ecology and conservation status of the Blue-headed Macaw
Ecology and management of nesting blue-and-yellow macaws
What drives annual cycles in Tambopata’s parrots?
Effects of Diet, Migration, and Breeding on Clay Lick Use by Parrots in Southeastern Peru
The use of hand-raised psittacines for reintroduction: a case study of scarlet macaws (Ara macao) in Peru and Costa Rica
Avian Geophagy and Soil Characteristics in Southeastern Peru
Parrot Nesting in Southeastern Peru: Seasonal Patterns and Keystone Trees
Effects of Weather on Parrot Geophagy in Tambopata, Peru
A Collection of Parrot Literature
Tambopata Macaw Project
Macaw Research Project Update 2011
Macaw Project Research Details
The Tambopata Macaw Project: 2012 Update
Macaw Clay Lick
Posada Amazonas Video
Tambopata Wildlife Downloads
Lens Rentals

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Recommended Vaccinations for Travel to the Peruvian Amazon
Anti-Malarial Drugs for Travel to the Peruvian Amazon

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