Floodplain Trail

The tall rainforests closer to the river are known as floodplain forests. These rainforests are subject to various degrees of flooding during the rainy season and on account of the rich nutrients left by the river, they have a high degree of diversity and immense trees. Although trails at those lodges access floodplain forest, the best place to experience it is at the Tambopata Research Center (TRC).


The jungle lodge itself is located in this beautiful type of rainforest and several trails provide access to it. The Floodplain Trail in particular provides guests with a means of experiencing its incredible biodiversity. Massive trees that stretch to the sky are the norm, some of which are figs that provide food for Spider Monkeys, trogons, parrots, toucans, and other rainforest wildlife. A huge variety of antbirds, woodcreepers, manakins, and other rainforest birds call from the understory. Large herds of White-lipped Peccaries are sometimes encountered on this trail and tracks left by Ocelot, Puma, and Jaguar remind you that the forests around TRC are untouched, wild Amazonia at its best.

The Floodplain Trail also crosses jungle streams and passes close to rainforest ponds that are visited by a wide variety of animals and birds. No Amazon jungle tour would be complete without a hike through primary floodplain rainforest. Take the Floodplain Trail at TRC to witness its beauty and incredible biodiversity.

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