Eya Wasije Wellness Spa

Welcome to Eya Wasije Wellness Spa

During your stay at our lodges, indulge in a relaxing massage session with our expert masseurs. You will find the Eya Wasije wellness services at Refugio Amazonas and Posada Amazonas lodges. If you would like to reserve your session in advance you can do so, or you can reserve it upon arrival. This service has additional cost.

The following massage treatments are available:

Swedish massage

This massage is soft, relaxing and, ideal for achieving a state of deep calm. This massage focuses on the back, legs and arms, and improves your overall circulation and energy. The treatment ends in an harmonized manner with touches of bamboo.

Deep Tissue Massage: This massage is strong and deep. It relaxes muscles, recovers flexibility and relieves stress. It is ideal for reducing muscle pain, after sports or long walks. It produces calm and relaxation.

Bioenergetics Massage:

This massage works the whole body. The technique is influenced by traditional Ayurvedic medicine and benefits you emotionally, , mentally and physically. It also helps to clean and balance the energy channels in your body. At the end, you will feel revitalized and complete relaxation.

Intense Jungle Massage:

This Amazon massage uses the power of the plants matico and eucalyptus. These plants act by deflating the muscles, revitalizing the body and softening the skin. You will also feel an intense relaxation, as it is supplemented by hot stone massages.

Foot reflexology with hot stones:

Complete treatment includes, relaxing salts and then a deep reflexology massage, with stones, ideal for tired feet.

Massage with hot and cold stones:

Ayurvedic technique that achieves a high level of relaxation and re-balances your  balancing physical and mental energy. Is also very useful to relieve pain, to revitalize the skin and to achieve a content sense of well-being.

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