Every Day is an Ese’Eja Day

Guests at the Posada Amazonas Lodge now have the chance to experience a half day or a full day at the Ese eja Community of Infierno. After breakfast at the lodge, guests, lead by their guide, will take a boat 10 minutes to the Infierno Community, arriving by 8:30 a.m.. During their time in the community, they will be able to experience a diverse set of activities, such as:

  • Catch and release fishing – Guests will visit the local fish farm, where five pools have been built. The  largest pool is designated for fishing activities,  while the other four are exclusively for fish farming. Guests will fish using a traditional fish cane from the pools edge.  If desired, our local staff will cook up the fish for lunch! Otherwise, fish is released back into the pool.
  • Boat ride – In the same fish pool where guests fish, there are four fiber glass boats for boat rides. Guests are able to row their own boats or community members can row for them. Our staff, including a lifeguard, are always supervising the activities.  All guests must wear a life jacket.
  • The Heritage House – The community’s main house will be open for guests. It houses a heritage museum, showcasing antique photos and clothing, ancient ceramics and stone instruments, as well as working tools.

Also, contemporary handcrafts will be on display, and how-to demonstrations will be offered.  Some of the products will be available for sale, and profits from the sales will benefit all members of the community.

Lunch time Ese eja style – Catch of the day will be the main menu. A vegetarian option will be available.

Optional :

There will be access to hammocks for the guests who want to relax at their leisure.

Also available, a fish feeding station near the pier, $1 per fish food package will be charged.


  1. Attend a traditional dance show.
  2. How-to workshops by local artisans. Guest will be learn how to make a wristband made out of seeds or tree bark, or they could try wood carving.
  3. Bike circuit available to complete the afternoon outing.

The full-day ends at 4:30 p.m. Afterwards guests will be taken to the Posada Amazonas Lodge.

Full day cost per person USD$ 100

Half day cost per person USD$ 75

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