Jungle Lodge Comparison Chart

Our Amazon LodgesPosada AmazonasRefugio AmazonasAmazon VillaTambopata Research Center
Price Per NightFrom $247 Per NightFrom $276 Per NightFrom $551From $311
Our Amazon LodgesPosada AmazonasRefugio AmazonasAmazon VillaTambopata Research Center
Travel Time from Pto. Maldonado (Approximately)2 Hours3.5 Hours3.5 Hours7 Hours (4 Hours from Refugio Amazonas)
Lodge Size12 Traditional Rooms14 Traditional RoomsPrivate Bungalow18 Traditional Rooms
 16 Comfort Rooms14 Comfort Rooms  
 2 Suite Rooms4 Suite Rooms  
RoomsLarge w/ Private BathroomLarge w/ Private BathroomLarge w/ Private BathroomSmall w/ Shared Bathrooms
Hot WaterYesYesYesYes
WiFiCommun areas, Comfort & Suite RoomsCommun areas, Comfort & Suite RoomsYesCommun areas
Guide-Guest Ratio1-101-10Private Guide1-6
ElectricityThree times a day in common areas, Superior & Premium rooms (from May 1st, 2015 at Traditional rooms, too)Three times a day in common areas, Comfort & Suite rooms (from May 1st, 2015 at Traditional rooms, too)YesThree times a day in common areas.
ClaylicksParrot Clay LickParrot Clay LickMacaw Clay LickMacaw Clay Lick
Oxbow Lake VisitYesYesYesOnly for pax spending the two first nights at Refugio Amazonas on their way to TRC
Canopy TowerYesYesYesYes (at Refugio Amazonas)
Cultural ActivitiesEthnobotanical Tour - Farm VisitEthnobotanical Tour - Farm Visit - Brazil Nut TrailBrazil Nut Trail CampBrazil Nut Trail at Refugio Amazonas
Soft Adventure ActivitiesAdvanced Reservations RequiredOn site & advanced ReservationsOn site & advanced ReservationsAdvanced Reservations Required
LocationInside a 200 acre uninhabited private community reserve, adjacent to the Tambopata National ReserveAdjacent to Tambopata National ReserveAdjacent to Tambopata National ReserveInside the Tambopata National Reserve
SustainabilityLodge is co-managed with Native Community of InfiernoIntegration with neighboring Brazil nut concessionGenerate benefits for a local familyMacaw research and conservation since 1989
Access to WildlifeGoodGoodGoodVery Good
Minimum Length of Stay2 nights2 nights2 nights3 nights (one of them at Refugio Amazonas)
Children FriendlyYesYes- Educational Childrens TrailsYesYes
ActivitiesPosada AmazonasRefugio Amazonas Amazon VillaTambopata Research Center
Macaw Clay Lick XXX
Parrot Clay LickX   
Ox Bow Lake VisitXXX 
Canopy TowerXXX 
Discover New Species XX 
Mammal Clay Lick & Camera Trapping XX 
Stand Up Paddle Boarding$XX 
Canopy Climbing$XX$
Nature Trail HikeXXXX
Caiman Search X  
Palm Platform   X
Floodplain Trail   X
Creek Trail   X
Palm Swamp Trail   X
Sunset Cruise   X
Ethnobotanical WalkX   
Jungle Farm VisitXXX 
Children Rainforest Trail XX 
Jungle Night WalkXXXX
AnimalRefugio AmazonasPosada AmazonasAmazon VillaTambopata Research Center
Blue and Yellow Macaw36%13%36%78%
Scarlet Macaw68%36%68%79%
Red and green Macaw54%63%54%77%
Giant River Otter3%34%3%4%
Red Howler Monkey31%53%31%77%
Brown Capuchin Monkey52%47%52%72%
Spider Monkey1%3%1%67%
White Caiman75%38%75%72%
White Lipped Pecary11%12%11%67%
Dusky Titi Monkey64%70%64%71%
Squirrel Monkey20%52%20%66%
Saddleback Tamarin60%48%60%63%
Night Monkey19%21%19%28%
Harpy Eagle21%5%21%9%
Collared Peccary3%2%3%12%
Red Brocket Deer5%8%5%8%
2 Toed Sloth2%7%2%5%
Southern Anteater1%2%1%2%
Crested Eagle1%1%1%2%
Giant Anteater1%1%1%2%
3 Toed Sloth2%3%2%1%