Callie Garcia - The Jungle Tree

Callie Garcia
Mrs. Sellers
16 September 2011

Jungle Tree

Have you ever done something both literally and metaphorically "breathtaking?" Well I did just that this summer when I went to Peru...

Near the end of my trip, my family and stopped at a lodge in the Amazon Rain-forest. While we were there, my family, two friends staying at the lodge, Pat and Jo, and myself, all decided to do a tree climbing activity. So we all walked to a 150-ft. high tree, the one we would climb. The guide went first and made the climb look really easy. He took less than a minute to get to the top. It looked simple enough, so I got ready and started climbing.

At first it was fun and I was enjoying the scenery. But soon enough, it got really tiring and I was out of breath. I wasn't sure that I could make it all the way to the top. I was going a lot slower and taking more breaks by the time I was halfway up. -breathtaking-

Once I was nearly there, a group of monkeys swung by and I stopped to watch them go right around me. It was incredible. Every single one of them moved with amazing grace and speed as they swept by through the trees. Not once did they falter as they leaped from one branch to another. I watched them until the very last one disappeared into the trees.

After that, it only took a few minutes to finally reach the top. It was beautiful. I was surrounded by butterflies and at least 50 other plants growing on the tree, such as flowers and nuts which made it really colorful. I could see the huge Amazon River and trees that went out farther than the sky itself. That jungle tree was totally, undeniably, and incredibly breathtaking.