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Birds in Flight Photography

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If you would like to take a photography trip and learn how to photograph birds in flight you've come to the right place. Tambopata has hundreds of bird species not to mention the worlds largest macaw clay lick.

Photography Subjects Include:
  • Mealy Parrots
  • Scarlet Macaw
  • Blue and Yellow Macaw
  • Black Skimmer
  • Kingfisher
Photography Instruction Topics Include:
  • Learning correct autofocus settings
  • Proper long lens techniques
  • Camera shooting modes
  • Proper bird tracking techniques

Premium Room at Posada Amazonas Lodge
Premium Room Bathroom At Refugio Amazonas
Superior Room at Refugio Amazonas
The Loft Area at Refugio Amazonas
Refugio Amazonas Dining Room
Tambopata Research Center Room
Tambopata Research Center
Posada Amazonas Commons Area
Posada Amazona Classic Room
Refugio Amazonas Loft
Motorboats are used for transport on the river
Beautiful Butterfly
Macaw Clay Lick (click to enlarge)
A Baby Capybara
Side Necked Turtles
A Big Caiman
Parrots at Clay Lick
Learning About Wildlife in the Amazon
A Happy Guide with a Happy Visitor
Bat Falcon (Falco rufigularis)
A Jaguar near TRC
Squirrel Monkey
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