Research Articles

Macaw Bio-centric DevelopmentConversational Noise Reduction to Benefit Amazon BirdsObesrvations on the life history of Enema Pan
A Comparison of Human Impacts on Mammals 2011Rapid Assessment Program in Tambopata-CandamoCommunication Between Frog and Spider
Variation in Tambopata Herp CommunitiesGastrointestinal Parasites in Primates 2004Sexual Selection in Amazonian Frog at TRC 2006
Monkey Parasites at TRC 2004Hoatzins and EcotourismUsing Clay Lick Occupancy to Evaluate Reserve Design in Tambopata 2009
Conversation and Tourism Noise Biotropica 2010BioCentric Development 2010Pierson Katyidid Report 2010
A Comparision of Primate Behaviour on Human PresenceThe Impact of Predator Presence on Mammal Clay LicksFauna Forever Phase I 2004
Self Perpetuating Bamboo Disturbance Cycle In A Neotropical Forest Indigenous Urbanization and Amazonia’s Post-Traditional Environmental EconomyThe Influence of Habitat on Parrot Density
Ecotourism in Amazonian PeruParrot Claylicks: distribution, patterns of use and ecological correlates from a parrot assemblage in southeastern peru.Ecotourism, conservation biology, and volunteer tourism: A mutually beneficial triumvirate
The Influence of Habitat, Season, and Detectability on Abundance Estimates across an Amazonian Parrot AssemblageCommunity Views of EcotourismEcotourism and Conservation: Two Cases from Brazil and Peru
Economic Promise of Ecotourism for Conservationthrough a new mirror: Reflections on Tourism and Identity in the AmazonDistribution, ecology and conservation status of the Blue-headed Macaw
Ecology and management of nesting blue-and-yellow macawsWhat drives annual cycles in Tambopata’s parrots?Effects of Diet, Migration, and Breeding on Clay Lick Use by Parrots in Southeastern Peru
The use of hand-raised psittacines for reintroduction: a case study of scarlet macaws (Ara macao) in Peru and Costa RicaAvian Geophagy and Soil Characteristics in Southeastern PeruParrot Nesting in Southeastern Peru: Seasonal Patterns and Keystone Trees
Effects of Weather on Parrot Geophagy in Tambopata, PeruA Collection of Parrot Literature