Amazon Jungle Kayaking

See More Wildlife during your Amazon Adventure with Kayaking!

Kayaking usually brings up images of white water adventures where the adrenaline flows just as fast as the rushing river. The backdrop is typically a cold, northern river flanked by dense pine forest and surrounded by mountain scenery, so you may be wondering how kayaks can ever be mentioned in the same sentence as jungle adventure tours in the Amazon rainforest. Well, there is more than one type of kayak and those built for paddling on the sea work just as well on the big, meandering rivers of the Amazon basin.

Even better, kayaks are one of the best ways to see wildlife in the Amazon, including Tambopata. On recent kayaking trips near our lodges, guests have been surprised to see how close they were able to approach small caimans, capybaras, and various waterbirds. The reason that kayaks have turned out to be a safe, excellent way to observe wildlife on rainforest adventure tours in Tambopata is due to their stealth.

Much more quiet than motorboats (kayaks are more or less silent), these unobtrusive watercraft seem not to readily scare off animals that frequent the waterís edge. Their slower speed and maneuverability also come in handy for finding more wildlife and getting prolonged views. Capybaras, Capped Herons, and monkeys may also pay less attention to a kayak because they donít recognize its shape as being that of a person. Perhaps they think that the kayaks floating by are just more pieces of driftwood on the peaceful Tambopata.

Whatever the reasons may be that explain why animals show less fear of kayaks, we know that you could be in for some close looks at jungle wildlife as you float down a beautiful jungle river when taking one of our soft adventure programs.