Brazil Nut Trail

Refugio Amazonas is situated in the heart of the Peruvian jungle far from any roads or towns. This wild ecotourism family travel destination can only accessed by the Tambopata River and the forests around the lodge extend for hundreds of miles back into Bahuaja-Sonene National Park and beyond into wild, inaccessible Amazonian forests in Bolivia. When guests get off the boat and walk up to the lodge, they are entering into one of the wildest rainforests they will probably ever visit.

With such wild surroundings, you would think that the forests around this Amazon jungle lodge have been witness to very few people and that the only people seen by animals living in the jungle are guests visiting the lodge as part of an eco travel experience. However, even though no roads come close to Refugio Amazonas, the lands around the lodge have been actively used by people for centuries. The Ese-Eja farmed and hunted the rainforests of Tambopata for hundreds or even thousands of years but left little obvious evidence of their presence. More recently, colonists from other parts of Peru have harvested Brazil Nuts from the jungles of Tambopata. One of the most important natural crops to come out of the Peruvian rainforests, Brazil Nuts help support the livelihoods of more than 20,000 people living in southeastern Peru.

Refugio Amazonas is situated in forest that harbors several old growth Brazil Nut trees whose seeds have been harvested on an annual basis for more than a hundred years. Guests who partake in this activity will be taken to some of these majestic trees along with the remains of a temporary camp that was used by Brazil Nut gatherers in the past. They will learn all about how the seeds from this important tree are harvested and used to make food and other sustainable products. Guests will even get the chance to take part in a bit of Brazil Nut harvesting themselves and can have a crack at opening some of these extremely hard nuts back at the lodge for a fun, challenging family green travel activity.

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