Childrens Rainforest Trail

The childrens rainforest trail is educational and entertaining at the same time. We have partnered with ANIA (an environmental education NGO) to set up the trail based on the story of a six year old girl living in the rain forest. Kids feel as if they were part of the story and learn how to value their relation with the Earth. Adults are welcome to join, but can choose to do other activities.


Kids gather around a campfire to hear about Ania and the challenges of the trial before staring. On the trail, we follow maps, solve riddles and find clues to play the game of seeds that are the “treasure of ANIA.” The path includes a visit to the houses of ANIA and TAWA, the grandfather of the woods. Searching for the “lost Brazil nut”, the city of ants and other fun games children learn how people live in the rainforest. They leave with a valuable message from ANIA: “A child born into the jungle to fill our hearts with hope.”

The concept, history and the way are all registered in the name of ANIA, a nonprofit organization with a mission to create 100,000 acres of “Land of Children” – private, protected areas managed for children.

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